Meeting Table Actiu Arkitek 241*160*74,5 cm


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Meeting Table Actiu Arkitek 241*160*74,5 cm

Meeting Table Actiu Arkitek 241*160*74,5 cm inspired elegance and sophistication of Arkitek lies in its pyramid-shaped legs, which give the table a compact, one-piece look where each element forms part of the table as a whole.

Manufactured in steel, it comes with different options of finishes and combinations that recreate wood, offering a natural appearance thanks to an innovative coating technique that mimics this finish.

All tabletops in the PRISMA range comply with ACTIU’s commitment to sustainability and well-being, with 0% Formaldehyde certification as standard.

Actiu Prisma Side
Actiu Prisma Side
  • Actiu Arkitek Side by Side Meeting Table
  • Dark Oak Finish
  • Made in Spain by Actiu
  • Dimensions: 240x120x74 cm
  • Wiring access

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