Elegance Office Desk Actiu Prisma Credenza

Elegance Office Desk Actiu Prisma Credenza

Elegance Office Desk Actiu Prisma Credenza, has Elegance, sophistication and minimalism come together in this program, designed to address the current work spaces giving them warmth and distinction.

Prisma is a Nordic style operative desk program which has an exquisite leg union providing a compact and elegant aspect to the desk, in which each element forms part of the whole object.

Additional add-ons, including wiring access and electrification systems can be added for an additional cost. Please contact us for further information.

Respect for the environment during production is in Actiu’s DNA. They care for our setting by creating sustainable, environmentally-friendly products; the Prisma collection is created with 47.8% recycled materials and 97.5% recyclable materials.

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Finally, Afri Artisans offers a list of 0ffice chairs that best matches the desk.


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